Today Dauphine Tomorrow Nothing


France, 1696. Adélaïde of Savoy is only ten years old when she arrives at the glittering court of Louis XIV to be married off to the King’s grandson, the Duc de Bourgogne. Eager to please and charmingly youthful, she soon enchants both the aging monarch and the nobles—but it turns out her grand marriage is not everything she hoped for.
As she grows older, Adélaïde discovers that rivalries and twisted conflicts lurks beneath the glamorous surface of Versailles.
Europe is rumbling; the most powerful nations are on the verge of a bloody war. The people of France are divided between those who have nothing and those who have everything.
Colette, the daughter of a paint craftsman, has escaped her abusive home to become a servant at Versailles. When she encounters Adélaïde, both girls think they might have found love at last—but what could be the consequences of such a forbidden relationship?

Today Dauphine Tomorrow Nothing is my second histoical novel and will officially published June 5th 2019.

Saga Hillbom brings readers a new and enchanting approach to the famous story of ”The Princess and the Plebeian” with a touch of ”Les Miserables.” The book follows the life, childhood, adolescence, and death-of Marie Adélaide of Savoy, mother of the future king Louis XV of France, and Colette, a common French citizen.

Not all of the characters featured in the book are based on historical figures, but this does not become an obstacle for Hillbom, since she treats the creation and development of all with care and gentleness. The author, at no time, loses the balance of the narrative, which portrays the life in the court of Versailles and the intimate of the main characters, which Hillbom brings the public closer to, whenever possible, but never in an excessive way, to deepen the description of their most intrinsic feelings.

Although the story often seems fast-paced, filled with action-packed short phrases, the rhythm is still flowing, and every character, even the secondary ones, is explored in a thoroughly intriguing way.

”Today Dauphine, Tomorrow Nothing” will be a good read for everyone who is interested in life, not always as restless as imagined, at the court of Versailles while the famous Sun King was still alive, and for those who wish to experience a novel that  resembles reality more than fantasy.”

/ Mariana Dias

First of all, I got to admit; my initial desire to read Today Dauphine Tomorrow Nothing was solely because of Versailles the series in Netflix, that I am utterly obsessed and devoted.

Okay, with that out the way, I shall begin my review of a tale I very much enjoyed.

The book follows the life-childhood, adolescence and death of Marie Adélaïde of Savoy, Princess of Savoy, mother of the future king Louis XV of France, Dauphin of France, Duke of Burgundy–great-grandson of The Sun King Louis XIV–and Colette, the daughter of a paint craftsman and a commoner.

It’s based on real people. It is a tale of forbidden love, extra-marital affairs, intrigue, politics, overindulgence, protocol, decadence, conflicts. The life lived at Versailles during its glory days.

Saga Hillbom does historical fiction right , she stays close to historical facts and adds her incredible storytelling abilities and imagination to create a fun, engaging and entertaining read.”

/ Waleska Floyd

Even though I am used to reading historical fiction, I can be rather confused with all the names and titles and who will be what when that one dies, etc. In Today Dauphine Tomorrow Nothing everything was clear; it was well sewn into the story without feeling heavy.

This a book that is slow paced and without major action moments, which I like, and it shows the oppulent life at Versailles through Adelaïde’s eyes as well as the reality of the common people through Colette’s. The contrast between those two worlds makes the book interesting. However, I wish the relationship between the two girls had had a bit more depth. It felt a bit unrealistic but it served the story well.

The writing is very good, the story flows well and it is a pleasant read. I recommend it for those who wants to get a glimpse at the world during the reign of the Sun King!

/ Elizabeth C.