A Generation of Poppies (2018)

When the First World War casts its violent shadow over millions of lives, nothing can ever be what it once was. Rosalie Wilkes has not yet turned eighteen, but finds herself serving as a voluntary nurse, facing the horrific consequences of combat. The idyllic life she used to lead is snatched away in the blink of an eye. Charles D’Aboville has abandoned his studies in paris to become a junior officer. When a devastating explosion sends him to a hospital in Rouen, a budding relationship is set in motion. However, the war threatens to demolish all their chances of happiness, not to mention that Rosalie is engaged. In 1919, Charles’s and Rosalie’s paths cross in Paris – and this time the circumstances are in their favour. Can two people overcome the haunting trauma of war? And might the same traumas have transformed La Belle Èpoque into an era where freedom is possible?

A Generation of Poppies is Saga Hillbom’s debut novel, published at the age of 15. It is based on thorough research and creates a picture of the world that was thrown into a brutal war before emerging into an era of modernisation.

The book can be purchased as paperback on Amazon.