City of Bronze, City of Silver – coming in August 2020

431 BC. Greece is torn apart by war. The city states split into two leagues: one headed by the militarized Sparta, the other by the sophisticated Athens.

Alethea, a young Spartan woman, leaves her home to accompany her brother on the military campaign. Taken prisoner by the enemy and enslaved in an Athenian household, Alethea’s heart is set on revenge. However, her feelings are complicated as she is drawn to her abductor’s amiable cousin, Eucleides.

Efigenia, a child bride and Alethea’s new mistress, struggles to navigate in a society dictated by men. The rigid norms she lives by are consuming her little by little. Can the arrival of the Spartan help her break loose from her chains?

City of Bronze City of Silver is a tale of bloodshed and vengeance, oppression and love, set against the backdrop of an ancient civilization steeped in myth.

Saga Hillbom is the author of three historical novels. Her other works include A Generation of Poppies and Today Dauphine Tomorrow Nothing.


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