The de Staël Escapades (2022)

The de Staël Escapades, my fifth historical novel, will be released on 1 February 2022.

‘1812. Napoleon Bonaparte intends to conquer Europe. The de Staël family intend to stop him.

Albertine, the daughter of scandalous writer Germaine de Staël, embarks on a quest against absolutism. The rulers of Russia, Sweden, and England must band together to defeat Napoleon. Albertine herself struggles to thrive under the scrutiny of her opium-addicted mother. When the question of marriage arises, she must navigate between love and status.

Albert, Albertine’s older brother, has never fit in with his family. They are brilliant and pretentious; he is blunt and trouble-seeking. Soon, Albert finds a companion in the driver of the coach. Might their forbidden bond be their salvation-or their ruin?

With the fate of Europe at stake, the de Staëls go on an escapade from Vienna to Saint Petersburg, from stormy seas to stormy nights. They befriend not only royalty, but literary genius in the shape of Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, and Mary Shelley.’